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قديم 22/03/2005, 07:49 AM
[align=left]Dear shy girl
I can understand your feelings ...most of the time the life is not fair with us...and most of the time we are trying to ask questions while we are having almost the answer...you know why we keep asking these questions because we are hoping one day we get the answer which we want!!!!
Daer I dispoint you the life is much bigger than a lost love ...belive me the life which your are complaining about many people wishing to have it..
Ask yourself these question ..
Are you healthey
Is your family surrounding you
You can smile
You can cry
You can love
You can share your feelings with others
If you can do all this ...You are lucky...because many people can not do one of this..always try to see the stars in a dark night ...and never stop fighting if you are right... you deserve this life and you have the choice to ghow live it

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