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قديم 21/12/2005, 10:26 PM
story of a broken heart

The more I feel like I’m close to the truth, the more I fall behind.
It feels like all my past and pain are in control of my mind.
I lost myself in this world…I lost myself with you.
I never thought that I could ever say that I actually never got to know you.
I thought you were the one who would cure me from all my pain, but you turned out to be the one who created it.
And I was the one who was dumb and blind enough to fall into your pit.
I gave you everything I could give but I never got anything back.
I always ran in the right way, but when I chose you I went on the wrong track.
How could you be so selfish and cruel?
How did you dare to treat me like a fool?
I believed in you more than I believed in myself,
But I meant nothing to you and you just thought about yourself.
You left me alone on my own,
And because of that my heart has turned into a stone.
So now, no matter what you say or what you do,
I won’t think of getting back to you.
I’ve changed, but you will never change.
My feelings for you were out of range.
I don’t know what do I want from this life anymore?
I’ve lost the key to my hearts door.
I always want to do the right thing,
But someway…somehow…I end up doing a sin.
I’m feeling lost…I’m feeling blue.
I’m drowning in tears with nobody to turn to.
Man I almost got away from “God” because of you.
I know that I won’t get anything from blaming you,
But I just want you to know what I think of you.
I lost my ability to love…I lost my ability to live.
Every time you used to hurt me, I used to forgive.
I lost almost everything I had.
Man you hurt me so bad!
I’m sick of you…I’m sick of thinking about you.
So if you care…or you don’t care,
It doesn’t matter to me because I don’t care.
You’re nothing but a bag of lie.
So go to hell and goodbye.

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