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قديم 09/03/2005, 03:46 PM

Why do lovers always get apart?
Why does life play a hard game with them?
Age isn’t everything but why does it have to be?
How isn’t the heart an important part of life?
The feelings that get created in our hearts, isn’t it natural?
Then howcome were judged and punished for these feelings?
Why don’t people understand what goes around a person’s heart and mind?
Why don’t people fight to accomplish the wishes they’ve got in their hearts?
Why do people always end up doing something they’re not happy with?
Why do people get blamed for something they didn’t have a fault in committing?
Why does “God” give us the ability to love when it’s a sin in some cases?
If a person is in love, does he or she have to go through pain because of it?
Why does “God” let us love and feel love, If in the end, the lovers end up apart in pain and tears?
If it’s wrong to love, then tell me who created love in this world?
The best thing between two lovers is their ability to fight for their love but why do they have to go through pain and violence, if the love in their hearts was true and natural?
Why can’t everyone live according to what his or her heart wants?
Why should everybody have a kind of living that doesn’t match with his or hers hearts desires?
Why are people given a kind of living they don’t ask for?
Why do people suffer, fear and cry for something that they have no fault in doing?
Why do people get tested everyday of their lives?
Do people always have to have a meaning or a reason for the things they do in life?
Why don’t people fight their fears, wipe their tears and work hard to accomplish what their heart wants?
Why is life unfair with the true fighters and the true lovers?
Does “God” listen to the people when they talk to him?
Does “God” send any of his angels to his slaves to wipe their tears and comfort them in fear?
Why do people cry?
Why do people hurt themselves when their hearts are in pain because of others?
Why are people judged for who they are or what they’ve become?
Why does “God” give a life to people who don’t deserve to live just like me?
Why did he take away all the good people from the world and leave devils like me?
Why can’t lovers be free?
Why can’t people be free to do what their heart wants?
Why do we do or have something we’re not happy with?
Why don’t people fight for what their heart wants?
Why doesn’t age matter when it comes to sadness and pain?
Questions will never end but will we get the answers for all of it?

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