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قديم 09/03/2005, 03:43 PM

So many questions in my head, however I don’t find an answer for any of them.
Why does life play such a hard game with people, when in the end they give up everything because of all the Los’s?
“God” I know that you always test your slaves, however don’t you realize that this is what causes them to run away from life?
Why don’t you just grant your decisions in the world?
Why did you create heaven and hell?
If people commit sins in the world, then why don’t you punish them in the world too?
“God” why did you create the world and the living beings in it?
Why did you create a devil?
We’re judged all the time, however why should we face all the things you created?
You made us and gave us a life, however I’m still wondering why?
I’m left out disappointed without a convincing answer in mind.
In the end and last of all…
I wish to know the answers to the questions that I’ve got for you “God”, so that I could understand life and the reason for why I was a brought in the world.

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