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قديم 09/03/2005, 03:38 PM
hope in life

Life is a game, it can be easy or it can be hard, it all depends on our experience and luck.
We might go through twists and turns in life however we have to learn to deal with it as well as live with it with a smile to show our destiny that we’re a winner and it isn’t a fantasy.
If we lose, we must never give up or lose hope. We should get back on our feet’s and try over and over until we win.
If we want to become something or have something, we’ll have to work hard for it.
Don’t think that life is always easy because when we’re young we might feel like it is since we’re living on out parents’ money, however did you ever think about what will happen if they weren’t there for us?
Life’s unfair, so anything can happen.
Always remember that we have to give up something to get something, so if you want to succeed in life, you’ll have to forget a thing called fun and start taking every matter in life seriously.
Now why should we depend on anyone?
We have to learn to depend on our selves. We have to study and work hard to become something.
Our studies are not something we should give up because they help us build our future.
I know that I don’t want to depend on anyone. I want to become something and prove to the world that I am something.
I’m going to be brave and I’ll work hard to achieve my ambitions, so that I could prove to myself and to the world that I can do anything I want to do, with the blessing of God as well as with the guidance and encouragement of my family and friends.
As we see nowadays everybody live differently with a different lifestyle but in the end aren’t we all human beings?
So why don’t we all be together with the love of man kind, share the love, fight for our rights, live in peace and show the world that we have a place in it no matter how small or big we are because that will make us all strong and filled with hope.
In the end, let’s learn from our past and prepare for our future.
Let’s not be killers but be winners.
I wish if my words were clear and taken seriously because it’s true and helpful since it can give us “Hope In Life” and can get us ready to face our tomorrow.
Thank you world, family, friends and God for everything.
These were words from deep down of my heart and that’s all for now

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